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Bug#601337: RSS feeds


I have a bit of an history of debian-related talks, but I'm guilty of
never having notified the www-team. Apologies.

However, I wouldn't want to update the wiki after each talk, as I
already have to provide info to the event organisers and fill in the
bits for the talk to appear in my own website. I also know that more
often than not I'd forget to notify the www team.

However, it would take me very little effort to setup a rss feed with
all my debian related talks. There already is a RSS feed with my talks,
so it'd be just a matter of tagging them and providing a tag-specific
feed, as I already do with my blog.

Which leads me to this: would it be useful/welcome if people provided
the www team with RSS feeds of their debian-related talks?

That would ensure, at least for those like me for which this is easy to
set up, that you'd be guaranteed to get timely notifications with no
added effort on my part.



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