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Bug#601337: www.debian.org: move events/talks/ and events/speakers/ to the wiki

On 25 October 2010 12:27, Raphaël Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:
> I noticed that http://www.debian.org/events/talks and
> http://www.debian.org/events/speakers/ are not really up-to-date.

You are correct. The talks there have been digged there from
contributors in the www team. Which, as far as CVS tell me, it was
just Martin Schulze and Peter Krefting

> It should be moved to the wiki so that it's easier for everybody to update
> the information.

Rather than moving it to the wiki and dropping the current page I
would be more comfortable with:

- the wiki: having a full list of historic talks, so that people can
easily add their own talks (like you did).

- the web: provide content for "basic" introductory talks (and/or
templates) which others can use as a basis for their own
presentations. With a goal similar to the one that
http://www.debian.org/events/material has, i.e.: provide the tools for
Debian Developers to give *new* talks.

Would that be a better approach?



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