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Some (more technical) ideas regarding the KallesDesign


as you might have noticed, I am working on integrating KalleDesign
into debian.org sites for some time now, and trying to convince
others to do so as well. I think/hope we will reach the 'break-even'
where the website team does not need to do all the work quite soon.

Also I would like to share some concerns and ideas a friend of me
brought up and which might help others to convert their sub-page to

* The id and class names of the global debian CSS have quite common
  names, which might be accidently overwritten by others. 
  Therefore we should think about renaming those to more uniq 
  names eg. by prepending something like 'debianci-' ("footermap" 
  -> "debianci-footermap").

* Strip down debian.css to only the essential parts, and maybe 
  have a debian-common.css, which provides the most common id and 
  class names. While we are at this, rewrite them to more 
  meaningful names and provide an understandable documentation...
  Will everyone of us know what #outer is going to do?

* Have a technical howto that provides information about the 
  (html) structure of a generic page.
  http://kalleswork.net/projects/debian/ has nice pictures, but 
  does not provide the HTML code behind that. This howto should 
  also document the usage of id tags.

* Provide a set of color codes that mostly match to each other, 
  which we recommend to use (note the 'recommend').

* Provide templates and sniplets which are usable for the huge 
  number of debian subpages using different engines for rendering 
  (ikiwiki, gitweb, moinmoin come in mind). The footermap or the 
  toplevel navigation is a good example for that. Rhonda is 
  already doing that for most parts, thanks for that help!

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