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'who's using debian?' entry

   1.      Name of organization (in the form of division,
organization, country). An example is: AI Lab, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, USA

Hiroshima International School, Japan

   2. Organization type (educational, non-profit, commercial, government)


   3. (optional) Home page link


   4. A paragraph or two describing how your organization uses Debian.
Try to include details such as the number of workstations/servers, the
software they run, and why you chose Debian over the competition.

Our school runs Debian-Edu / Skolelinux. A central server houses the
user accounts of all members of the school. We have several
thin-client servers facilitating the re-use of older hardware. Then
there are regular workstation installs, including on a class set of
netbooks. In total we have one computer for every two students, and
one for every staff member. 90% of these computers are running
We chose Debian-Edu for its pre-configuration of all services, and
focus on software for schools. Debian allows us to spend our IT budget
on hardware alone.

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