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[PATCH] db.debian.org repository changes

Hey all,

(cross-posting; let me know if that's bad news, and I won't in the future.)

I was at http://db.debian.org/ and I struggled to find the source code. I wanted to make some patches.

So I eventually found the Debian WWW CVS setup, and within that, there is a CVS repository called db.debian.org.

I checked it out, and there was one file, README. I read it, and it told me:

"The stuff that was here moved to the ud-ldap-cgi git in November 2009."

I googled for "ud-ldap-cgi" and got no particularly useful hits: http://www.google.com/search?q="ud-ldap-cgi";

Eventually I figured out that "ud" referred to "userdir" and so I found https://db.debian.org/git/userdir-ldap-cgi.git/ ! Hooray!

So -- this patch makes the abandoned CVS repository more useful.

Dear debian-admin: I explain to people there that they can find the team on IRC and suggest they read http://dsa.debian.org/. Does that sound okay?

Dear debian-www: Would you please merge it (perhaps pending an ACK from someone in DSA)?

-- Asheesh.

Your step will soil many countries.

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