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Who's using Debian?

1. Name of organization: Freeside Internet Services, Inc., USA
2. Organization type: Commercial
3. Home page link: http://www.freeside.biz/

4. How our organization uses Debian:

We use Debian on all of our company workstations and servers (about a 
dozen of each), and on 99% of the servers we deploy and support for our 
customers (hundreds).  We primarily use Perl, PostgreSQL and MySQL, 
Apache/mod_perl, HTML::Mason, and LaTeX.  The company founder has been a 
Debian developer since 2001.

We use Debian because of the rock-solid stable releases, painless remote 
upgrades and security support for oldstable for a full year.  Debian's 
packaging of Perl CPAN libraries is vast and second-to-none.  The 
PostgreSQL upgrade path that decouples database upgrade from OS upgrade 
is invaluable.  We appreciate that Debian is not developed by a single 

Ivan Kohler
President and Head Geek, Freeside Internet Services, Inc.  http://freeside.biz/
Debian GNU/Linux developer  |  CPAN author  |  cat person  |  ski addict

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