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CD vendor submission form


I used (3rd time) the CD vendor submission form about one week ago, but seems 
that is still not working.
Could you add our site, please?

The following entries were submitted: 

Submission-Type: new

Vendor: Debian CD Project
URL: http://debiancd.org/
URL-Debian: http://debiancd.org/about.php
E-mail: <******@debiancd.org>
Country: HU Hungary
Donates: yes
Shipping-overseas: yes
Offers-CDs: yes
CD-architecture: amd64 i386 
Comment: Free worldwide shipping

If there was an error in your submission, please go back and re-submit an 
update, or mail cdvendors@d*****.org.

Recording... done.


Gabor Kum
Debian CD Project

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