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Re: [Debconf-team] debconf10 is _11th_ debian conference


Am 31.08.2010 19:45, schrieb Patty Langasek:
> Am I reading this right?
> 2) If you are unable to make the change, find someone who can and /do/ it.

I can't believe what I read.  If the intention of this whole thread was,
to demotivate me from forwarding debconf press announcement to the
regular debian channels:  Congrats, you nearly reached your goal.

Just for the record:  There was a report, I explained, why I didn't
considered it a bug.  Several people misunderstood me / only saw a part
of the communication, and I corrected them.  And in the end the "bug"
was fixed, quite some time before you send your mail.

Best regards,
  Alexander, who still wonders, why everything press related is always a
PITA, when debconf is involved

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