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welcome to wikiadm AsheeshLaroia and SteveMcIntyre!

Hi all,

DSA have added Steve & Asheesh to the wikiadm group :D

Welcome to the wiki team!

You can find some docs about the team here:


It needs to be filled out a bit so if you have any specific questions it
should answer, please add them to the page and we'll add answers.

There are a bunch of bugs and tickets that need to be worked on/closed:


I've added a short howto for deleting spammer accounts and banning IP
addresses whenever you see a page with spam or someone else removing
spam from a page. One of the RT tickets involves disabling a bunch of
old spammer accounts, which would be good practice.

I've added a rough idea of a possible "bits from ..." mail to the bottom
of the Teams/DebianWiki page. It would be great if folks who took notes
at the DebConf10 BoF could fill in that section and if others could fill
out more of the sections and add more sections.



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