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Bug#592170: please add debconf delegates to intro/organisation

package: www.debian.org
severity: wishlist
x-debbugs-cc: debconf-team@lists.debconf.org, dpl@debian.org, aj@azure.humbug.org.au


please add DebConf and its Debian delegates somehow to 

It's currently a bit unclear who the delegates are (and 
the delegation from 2006 should IMO be reviewed and renewed 
anyway), so for the moment this bug report should serve as 
a reminder to resolv this. 

Marga remembered that she, Ganneff and me (and probably others (*))
were delegates, but I couldnt find such a mail from aj to 
d-d-a now, which is no surprise to me, given that DebConf
has just ended. I could only find aj's statement in my AM 
report saying "Formal acceptance as a developer will allow 
Holger to [...] be more officially involved in DebConf 
organisation as a formal delegate should that be useful".


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