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Re: Kalle's Proposal: gitweb

* Umang Varma <umang.me@gmail.com> [2010-07-05 08:08:38 CEST]:
> On 06/18/2010 04:35 PM, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> >  So here is the nex big step: A gitweb theme[1] using Kalle's
> > proposal[2]. I enabled it on my own gitweb installation[3] so that
> > people can see it live and test it. Feel free to clone it from there
> > too.
> > 
> > [1] <http://www.kalleswork.net/projects/debian/debgit/>
> > [2] <http://www.kalleswork.net/projects/debian/>
> > [3] <http://git.deb.at/w/deb/gitweb.git>
> One small comment.
> On the git page, the hover bg of the link on the navigation bar at the
> top of the page doesn't have rounded corners. I think it looks better
> without the rounding.
> Either way, it should be the same across the website.

 Thanks for your comment. The www.deb.at page uses an older css file and
actually indeed the version git.deb.at is the more current approach, it
will indeed be the same across the different sites.

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