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Re: First Debian Installation: totally brain-dead. Where do I go from here?

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(full quote for context)

On Vi, 02 iul 10, 00:49:53, Keith Mitchell wrote:
> I decided to build a Linux box instead of emulating Linux using
> VM-Ware under Windows. I heard Debian was the way to go. I have
> created Red-Hat and Ubuntu Linux boxes in the past with no problems.
> This, my very first Debian installation, and it has been a total
> nightmare! I created a dual-boot installation on my ancient Gateway
> dual-processor workstation as I used to have in the past. This time it
> is XP and Debian. I reassigned one full 70-GB SCSI drive previously
> formatted with an XP NTFS file system to Linux plus another 5-GB of
> swap-space on another physical SCSI drive (for performance). This I
> know is OK.
> I then followed the instructions on the web-site for installing Debian
> with internet connectivity.

Did the network setup step during the installation work?

> The web instructions said burn a minimal CD, and download what you
> need from the internet.
> 1. I downloaded the .iso file, and burnt a bootable-CD (not DVD).
> 2. I used that CD and installed Debian. I now have a minimal and
> totally brain-dead Linux installation.

It very much depends on the answer to the question above. If your 
connection worked during install you probably didn't select any "task" 
(like "Desktop"). If your connection didn't work if couldn't have 
downloaded all the needed packages and you might need DVD1 to get a 
decent install.

> 3. There is no gcc compiler. There is no Firefox web browser.
> 4. I went back to the Debian web-site for instructions on how to
> proceed from here. There were no instructions for how to proceed from
> here. Even MinGW on Windows has a minimal Linux working set. How do I
> download a file working-set without requesting each file one by one?
> 5. Right now it seems my only option is using Gatesware Windows to
> download an Ubuntu distribution, a distribution that does work, use
> the .iso file to create a CD or DVD, and blow away the Debian crap
> that does not work.
> Any suggestions before I blow Debian away?
> Thanks,
> Keith.

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