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Re: Kalle's Proposal: gitweb

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 01:05:13PM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> We ain't dead. A long time has passed since I last wrote on this topic,
> and a lot thing happened—unfortunately (for this effort) in other areas.
> This doesn't mean that this effort is being abandoned.

Glad to hear it.
I looked at the gitweb page and I like that, it makes sense to make all
our "sub-sites" (or whatever you call them) look the same.  A common
theme across it all works well.

I also looked at the proposal for the Debian page and found it a little
"washed out".  The general idea I like, but it looks a little like a
tellie show when you turn the contrast down and the brightness up.

sourceforge.net has a little more colour, but its layout seems a bit

The idea of the links all down the bottom is good. Again I think it
needs a little more contrast but not overly much.  The links down the
bottom are a nice compromise between having a mountain of links at the
top of the page and the "where the hell do i go now" problem.
I actually found the fedoraproject website having the second problem.

None of my suggestions should stop the website from being updated
however.  I actually think the look of it should change from time to
time in any case.

 - Craig

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