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Re: Bewerbung als Debian Vendor / Applictaion as Debian Vendor

	Hello there!

* Daniel Homburg <info@joomla-programmieren.de> [2010-06-21 12:57:25 CEST]:
> one month ago I send my application for your debian distributer list for  
> germany.
> (Link: http://www.joomla-programmieren.de/debian-linux.html)

 Hmm, I can't find a mail from a month ago, maybe it got lost on its way
to our mailing lists somehow? I would guess that to be the reason that
you haven't receive an answer yet. I also can't find it in the archive
of the list on <http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/>

> Till now I haven't got any feedback. Would you be so kind and tell me -  
> or tell we if I forgot anything? Thank you!

 Anyway, you write on your page that you offer the latest version - but
then state 5.0.3 as current version. Don't get me wrong, shipping 5.0.3
is absolutely alright, but then the current version is 5.0.4 since
January. :)

 Also I would suggest to note down the amount of DVDs in your
distribution set so it's clear wether you only ship 1 DVD for that price
or wether you ship all five DVDs for that price.

 Also it is suggested to link to www.debian.org and not www.debian.de -
the domain is now served through GeoDNS and the country mirror is one of
those used by it anyway.

 Thanks for your offer so far,
"Lediglich 11 Prozent der Arbeitgeber sind der Meinung, dass jeder
Mensch auch ein Privatleben haben sollte."
        -- http://www.karriere.at/artikel/884/

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