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Wrong instruction set


* Christian Heß <chxanvader@googlemail.com> [2010-03-20 12:20:34 CET]:
> Hello web page - operators of packages.debian.org, 

 We do operate packages.debian.org but the package description on those
pages are part of the packages themself. Translations are done through
the DDTP project which has a web interface at

> on the following page an instruction is wrongly represented: 
> http://packages.debian.org/de/etch/dpkg-awk 
> On the side the instruction is represented in such a way: 
> 'dpkg-awk -f=/var/lib/dpkg/available "Package:^[aA].* -- Package Version' 
> The instruction must read in such a way: 
> 'dpkg-awk -f=/var/lib/dpkg/available "Package:^[aA].*" -- Package 
> Version' 
> .. the stating lines are missing to after " Star". 

 Actually that's a mistake in the translation only. On above mentioned
website one can fix that translation. I did it for this time, if you
find more mistakes in translations please feel strongly invited to fix
them yourself - and if you would like to help out on those efforts
please subscribe to the debian-l10n-german mailinglist. :)

 Have fun!

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