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Who's using Debian?


Our company is
1. Nomura Technical Management Office Ltd., Kobe, Japan
Japanese Name: 有限会社 野村技術士事務所
2. commercail
3. http://www.tmo.co.jp/
We are using Debian for not only mail, web, dns but also file, print and
database servers. In addition, our many desktop clients and note book
computers are Debianaised. Windows system is used only on Vmware which
installed in Debian. We also sells Debian systems for many customers
that amounts more than 50 systems.
Micorsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator are replaced by
Openoffice.org and Gimp in our office. Our financial, operation and
information systems are actually working on Debian. Debian is powerful
and keeping originality of Linux.

Tomoo Nomura

****** Nomura Technical Management Office Ltd. *****************
 Tomoo Nomura      nomura@tmo.co.jp       http://www.tmo.co.jp/
    Phone: +81-78-797-0240 Fax: +81-50-3428-2033
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 European Electronic Timetable 'HAFAS'         ValueFax Support

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