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Bug#574353: www.debian.org: Debian New Maintainers Guide PDF renders incorrectly

reassign 574353 debiandoc-sgml
tag 574353 +confirmed

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 03:53:43PM +0100, Andreas Ronnquist wrote:
> The Debian New Maintainers guide PDF renders incorrectly -
> It shows =1sp where it is supposed to show ` - See
> http://www.gusnan.se/debian/evince_problem.jpg
> My example shows it in the Evince viewer, but it is reported to be the same on
> Acrobat Reader - see 
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2010/03/msg01407.html
> for discussion on Debian User List.
> This affects the version downloaded from 
> http://www.debian.org/doc/devel-manuals#maint-guide
> but does not affect the ones packaged in Testing or Unstable.

Thanks Andreas for your report.

Indeed, it affects only the version made available on the website (which
is built from fresh SVN at each website built)

It is due to recent use of <files> tags in maint-guide, after the
release of 1.2.15 in sid, in svn commit:

r7113 | osamu | 2010-03-14 11:16:28 +0100 (dim 14 mar 2010) | 2 lines                                                                                                       
Chemins modifiés :
   M /manuals/trunk/maint-guide/maint-guide.en.sgml

reorganized section and added tags

-  <chapt id="dreq">Required files under `debian/' directory                                                                                                                
+  <chapt id="dreq">Required files under <file>debian/</file> directory

As this tag is legal and rendered correctly except in the index, it's
certainly somewhere in debiandoc2latexpdf or 'deeper'.

@Osamu: do you want only the sid version to be published on the website
only ?

Simon Paillard

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