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Re: Your trip to Thailand

* Andrew Lee <ajqlee@debian.org> [2010-03-08 18:59:40 CET]:
> Hi Rhonda,
> Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> >  So again, please don't commit news entries there yourself or suggest to
> > do so, that area is for the press team only to touch.
> Thanks for correct my misunderstanding. I was recall it from my bad
> memory.

 Just for the record, as reminder the is a README file in
webwml/english/News/README since ages so that one can refresh their
memory easily. There are also other parts of the webtree that carry
README files, and actually they aren't just cosmetic. ;)

> Could you please also give us a hint on how do we proceed to
> announce this first mini-DebC* event in Thailand? :)

 The same README file contains informations on that, too. :)

 Have fun!

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