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List entry for your consideration

Please see the details below regarding our non-profit organisation.


Laurence Tait

1. Administrative Office, The Stairlift Institute, England, UK

2. non-profit

3. http://tsi.me.uk/

4. Debian is used for the main stairlift database from which matches are found between donated stairlifts and potential users.

This operating system was chosen because of its stability, the immense repository of packages, the relative freedom from virus issues. The fact that Debian is free helps our charity, which does no fundraising. Cost was not the main criterion but having a free system is a bonus.

We also promote and support projects where freely donated computers are used with Debian to benefit underprivileged members of the community. The list includes housebound stairlift users and disabled people who were unable to get regular jobs but can work from home using a computer.

Our volunteers use Debian on their home machines to keep up to date with the system and for all the benefits it brings. 

We use the Apache-PHP-MySQL combination with phpMyAdmin, Open Office, plus many other the programs from the repository. Two software organisations, DemoRecorder and Codeweavers, very kindly donated a free licence for their products to help us with our charity work.

Members of our charity have evaluated many programs in Debian to see if they suit small businesses of various kinds. We concluded there is very little that can't be done in Debian.

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