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Bug#539417: "Select a server near you" still necessary?

tag 539417 pending


* Andrei Popescu <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> [2009-07-31 19:19:12 CEST]:
> According to various sources www.d.o now uses geoIP to automatically 
> select a closer mirror. Does it make sense to keep the "Select a server 
> near you" drop-box?

 We wanted a test phase for geodns to see how it works. This has passed
and thus I now disabled the box, should be visible on the pages within
the next few hours - hopefully the dependencies are set properly so that
the pages also get rebuilt. :)  Keeping the bug open for now as pending.

> Even if it stays, it should at least show the chosen server, because now 
> (at least for me) it always shows "United States" which makes me think 
> the www.us.d.o mirror is used (I'm in Romania).

 It couldn't show the chosen server because that would require different
pages for the different sites or the use of javascript which we highly
try to avoid, and it wouldn't gain much. :)

 Thanks for your patience.

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