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Re: Where is the comment of a wiki page change in the mail you get about the change

On Monday 25 January 2010 08:36 Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> Hello,
> On Sat, 2010-01-23 at 12:41 +0100, Jürgen Leibner wrote:
> > I'm wondering about the case, that the comment you write on the
> > change of a wiki page is not send with the mail you get about the
> > change.
> >
> > Therefore I ask here to send the comment with the mail to make it
> > easier to get an impression about the intention the change is made
> > with.
> The wiki engine we are using (moinmoin), doesn't seems to have this
> feature. I'll investigate further.
> > Please send the comments with the mail.
> We need to request this feature upstream.
> If this feature were implemented in the moin 1.9 branch, the package
> might be able to enter DebianSqueeze in time before the freeze.

As I was told the 1.9 has that feature.
So if this is correct, I (we) have to wait until the admins upgrade the 
wiki and switch this feature on.

Greetings, Jürgen Leibner

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