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Bug#562153: changelogs on packages.d.o broken? (no, not the usual delay)

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: important

  it seems that recently (1 week to 10 days?) the changelogs on
packages.debian.org have broken or are more out of date than they used
to be. Several people on #debian-devel have noticed various non up to
date packages and others are reporting to have switched to the PTS "RSS"
views to keep an eye on packages evolution (which is suboptimal, has the
PTS doesn't have the changelog entries, the lack of which also breaks
aptitude changelog support).

As a practical example I've this one:


4 days ago the package was uploaded, but it does not appear yet in the
changelog of packages.d.o.

I've seen other bug reports related to this issue, but they seem older
and more related to the fact that changelog are not _always_ up to
date. I'm not asking that, a scheduled update is more than reasonable,
but I've the impression that this time something more serious has


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