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FYI & RFC: bug categorising


 Today I fiddled around a bit with the BTS, and this is what I managed:

 As you can see, bugs related to packages.debian.org are now grouped
together. How this is done? Through usertags and usercategories. When
you find a bugreport that is related to packages.debian.org, you can use
the bts tool to tag them into that category:

bts user www.debian.org@packages.debian.org . usertag 1234 + packages

 Of course you also can send a mail to control@bugs.debian.org
containing the following lines:

user www.debian.org@packages.debian.org
usertag 1234 + packages 

 Both will make the bug 1234 appear in the packages.debian.org

 I haven't enabled this view as default because I'm not too sure what
others might think about it, and also because I don't think that this is
the final call. For first, I'm not sure if
"packages.debian.org related bugs" might be the best catchy phrase (but
that's minor details).

 More importantly I think it might make sense to use more categories,
but I haven't found ones that catch a fair bit to be really helpful
instead of just stretching the entry part. I would have thought of wiki
related bugs, but those are already in their own pseudo package (mostly
because that requires totally different permissions anyway), so we can
reassign them. Is there anything similar related that I am missing? The
DDP maybe? Most of those pages have their own real package to reassign
bugs to ...

 Anyway, just wanted to keep you updated, hope it helps you to triage
the bugs, and thanks to KiBi, Myon and Runa (amongst probably others
too) for their help and motivation to get this done. :)

 So long!

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