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Bug#559536: libxklavier15 missing in testing makes kdebase uninstallable (was: Missing dependency in testing)

reassign 559536 kdebase-workspace-bin
forcemerge 559349 559536

On Sat, Dec 05, 2009 at 09:38:55AM +0100, Salvo Isaja wrote:
> libxklavier15 missing in testing makes kdebase uninstallable.
> libxklavier15 has not yet entered testing, but kdebese-workspace-bin depends 
> on it, and it is in testing. kdebase, kdeminimal and kdebase-workspace have 
> been removed from testing after an upgrade. The KDE session disappears from 
> KDM after this.
> Picking libxklavier15 from unstable lets install them back.
> Please assign this report to whom it may concern.

kdebase-workspace-bin for example ? (certainly suits better than
www.debian.org :-)

To be merged with #559349, where you can find some explanation.

Simon Paillard

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