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Debian Policy for Ada


I would like to have a link from http://www.debian.org/devel to the
Debian Policy for Ada, which is (yet another) sub-policy.  After looking
at the other sub-policies, I see that the Debian Policy for Ada compares
favourably with them on all accounts.  It has matured over the last 6
years and is now accepted by all maintainers of Ada packages.  Moreover,
it is this policy that gives Debian an outstanding reputation among Ada
developers worldwide.

The Debian Policy for Ada is maintained in a public monotone[1] database
and published at


[1] http://www.afa-france.org/article131.html

If anything needs to be done, besides this email, to get the Debian
Policy for Ada to become more official, please tell me.

Thanks for any consideration

Ludovic Brenta (Debian Developer).

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