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Re: on /partners/ drafts

On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 01:17:52PM -0200, Andre Felipe Machado wrote:
> I read the documentation, and the instructions [0] at Alioth, but commiting to
> alioth.debian.org moved the files to the main site automatically.

Don't worry, this is the expected behaviour.
When I mentioned alioth in my previous mail, I meant alioth as a system
where wml is installed so that you can build your own drafts in your
alioth $HOME, which is independent from the fact alioth actually
hosts the CVS repo.

> Also, did not find a workflow description for collaborative creation.

There is no use of branchs or tags on the webwml CVS repo.

> So, the drafts were not linked from any page. They were reachable only by direct
> url typing.
> Care was taken to not mess any of the css at other sections, only at the
> /partners subtree, testing what was known at the time at my local machine.
> Beyond the cvs messages explaining draft status, the clear text "place holders",
> also discussing with publicity and i10n-english lists, I included a notice to
> avoid translations for a while. I guessed it was enough...

Sure and thanks for the care. Still webwml CVS / buildsystem does not
replace local build for draft pages.

> But what is the url describing workflow for collaborative creation of a page at
> the site?
> Please, what is the correct workflow for this approach? Is there a sandbox
> repository and web site?

There is no sandbox repository (though such a need push for moving to an
other VCS..).

The approach I proposed is for you to build pages locally to your system
(or to your alioth public_html) without commiting drafts to the official
CVS repo before you want to make the new pages official.

For example, when I build pages on my system, they are available through

#debian-www@irc.debian.org can help as well.


Simon Paillard

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