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how to move a page to a new url?

During a discussion about reorganizing Debian Partners pages, a suggestion [0]
reproduced below about moving a page, misplaced today. 
It should have external and internal links, by its age.
What is the correct way of moving it to a new location?
Is it worth the effort?
Andre Felipe Machado

[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2009/10/msg00015.html

Paul Wise  wrote ..

> The equipment donations page should move from
> /misc/equipment_donations to /donations/equipment and list the
> donations in order of date, grouped into per-year groups. DSA and
> former DSA members and perhaps the debian-history maintainer should
> probably be contacted to find out which years the current list of
> donations were donated and if there are any once-off equipment
> donations that aren't listed yet. For stuff we don't know the date of,
> an "Other" group would work I think.

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