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Re: question about translating mirror/mirror_list.pl

* victory <victory.deb@gmail.com> [2009-10-27 14:18:23 CET]:
> It seems no translation team do this so I ask my question here :-)
> I've translated mirror/mirror_list.pl about 10 days ago.
> Is this acceptable?

 Ah, found it, you mean for the output of /mirror/list-full. It would be
sweet if you could mention what for you are doing something so it's
clear even for those not that deeply into how things are organized. :)

 And no, copying the scripts isn't acceptable because it's a code
duplication and when it is needed to adjust the script it would need to
get adjusted in several places. Facilitating the gettext feature is the
way to go.

 I just don't have the checkout infront of me and browsing through
VCSweb isn't as convenient so I can't really dig up where to look at. I
might though be interested to adjust it myself if noone jumps in

 So long, and thanks for the idea!

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