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/News/press/ moved to the wiki?

Hi all,

[Please CC me in reply, I'm not subscribed to debian-www]
[CCing those concerned]

I saw that recent years on /News/press/ have moved to the wiki. I'm of
the opinion that this split is unnecessary and would request that either
all of /News/press/ be moved to the wiki or that the recent wiki pages
be merged back to www.debian.org. As an example of the sillyness that
this split has resulted in, /News/press/2006 is empty while the
equivalent wiki page (PressCoverage2006) has many many articles. One
issue with merging them might be that the content is quite different.
Perhaps /News/press/XXXX could continue to list the original article,
date and publisher and add a "more articles" link to a section on the
equivalent PressCoverageXXXX page, which could gather links to more
versions of the articles. The PressCoverageXXXX pages should then have a
CategoryPermalink added to them so that people do not rename them.

Any thoughts?

In addition, the /News/press/XXXX pages list joey@debian.org as being
the person to contact about adding new stories. I'd suggest that these
be replaced with press@debian.org or debian-www@lists.debian.org,
whichever group has responsibility for this.



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