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Re: question about translating mirror/mirror_list.pl

victory wrote:
> It seems no translation team do this so I ask my question here :-)
> I've translated mirror/mirror_list.pl about 10 days ago.
> Is this acceptable?

I don't think that's the right way to do it. A much better way would be to 
use gettext in the perl script to load the translated strings at runtime. 
That way translators would only have to modify a PO file instead of 
needing to copy and modify the source code of the script itself.
It would also ensure correct behavior when strings are added/changed in the 
script, with translators getting warned their translation is outdated via 
the existing mechanisms.

Aren't there already other examples where something like that is 
implemented? It looks like e.g. english/security/make-ref-table.pl uses 


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