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Re: cd's o dvd's

Hello Antonio,

debian-www is an english speaking mailing list about the development of
the Debian website.

You can ask questions in spanish on the list

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 08:43:23AM +0000, Antonio Ruiz wrote:
> Buenos días, soy Antonio Ruiz, profesor de ciclos formativos de
> informática en Valencia (España), y quería adquirir una copia en cd's
> o dvd's de la distribución Debian 5.03, tanto para Intel como para
> AMD. He intentado ponerme en contacto con los distribuidores que
> indican en su página, pero no he recibido contestación alguna, y tengo
> algo de prisa en poder usar sus copias de sistema operativo. Les
> agradecería se pusieran en contacto conmigo en este mismo e-mail lo
> antes posible, para comentarme precios, plazos de entrega,...

Debian itself doesn't sell CD/DVD.
Either download ISO in order to burn CD/ISO from
Or buy them from a vendor http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/#es

If you don't have sufficient bandwidth and don't succeed in buying them
from a vendor:
* please notice us about the failing vendors
* ask on debian-user for some nice personn that can burn the CD/DVD for

(From Google translation)
Hi, I'm Antonio Ruiz, a professor of computer training courses in
Valencia (Spain), and wanted to purchase a copy on cd's or dvd's of the
5.03, for both Intel and AMD. I tried to get in touch with distributors
showing on your page, but have not received any answer, and I
something quickly in order to use their copies of operating system. I
would appreciate to get in touch with me at this e-mail as soon as
possible, to discuss prices,
deadlines, ... 

Simon Paillard

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