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Re: Re: Re: Suchergebnis bei google

> IF YOU HAVE a mailto-link, you are definitively in the NET and you
> read public message.  So you MUST know, you sending a  message  to  a
> public place.  (except if you are entirely braindamanged)

Do I really need to explain that? Ok, I'll bite.

A mailto-link results in opening an email composition window of your
email client, not a response form for a public forum. The overwhelming
majority of emails does not end up on public forums. A large majority of
the mailto-links that I ever clicked on pointed to private email
adresses. So it is not obvious at all that the result will go to a
public place. I am aware that it does in this case, I just pointed out
that it won't be obvious to everyone.

According to your signature you're an IT specialist. You seem to think
that anyone who doesn't share your specialism is "entirely braindamaged"
and that it's allright to offend them for it. I suppose that is how you
like to be treated by doctors, lawyers, plumbers, shopkeepers, anyone
who knows something you aren't yet aware of.

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