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Re: Hello! Please, I need your help! An advice of what I need to download to


On Sun, Oct 04, 2009 at 03:27:37AM -0700, guido mezzalana wrote:
> I am trying to sort it out the folloing problem about Debian installation.
> The only problem I am getting is I have not sound! clickin on volume control is telling me>
> no volume control GS streamer plugins and/or devices found 
> my lap is an IBM Thinkpad T21, so far Debian and Mepis is giving me the same issue, I like to point out with other free open source my lap is just fine!
> I really would like to instal Debian, please, could you advice and/or lead me to download the right software to solve my problem_
> I would greatly appreciate your help!
> Many thanks in advance and I eagerly await your response.

This list is for the development of the Debian website, not for user
support.  Please contact debian-user@lists.debian.org for help with
your problem.

How did you find this list?

Matt Kraai                                           http://ftbfs.org/

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