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Re: Please help review and announce mini-DebConf Taiwan on www.d.o

Justin B Rye wrote:
> Andrew Lee wrote:
>>     http://people.debian.org/~ajqlee/0925-icos2009.wml
>> It would be nice to be reviewed by l10n-english folks before post on
>> www.d.o to reduce extra work for other language translators.
> Sorry about the slight delay.

No problem. It has been so nice with your help. :)


I am updating the webwml file to these below and SynrG is helping to
commit it. \o/

> So that would be:
>   ICOS 2009 International Conference on Open Source 2009 Taipei
>   City, Taiwan 2009-09-25 2008-09-27 http://icos.org.tw/zh Andrew
>   Lee (李健秋)
>   The annual International Conference on Open Source (ICOS) in Taiwan
>   is organized by the Software Liberty Association of Taiwan (SLAT).
>   Its aim is to bring together international FLOSS projects and
>   developers, so that they can share experience, introduce projects
>   and get in touch with local developers and users.
>   The conference will span three days (25th-27th of September) and
>   will be hosted in Taipei City, Taiwan.
>   The main participants this year include BlackOn, Debian, Elecmos
>   Universal, LinuxPilot, LXDE, Moblin, Novell, OneVillage,
>   OpenSolaris, OSSAC, PhET, Sahana, Skolelinux, SLAT, SPI, Sun
>   Microsystems Inc., Toby Churchill Ltd, and xPUD. 
>   The SLAT is featuring a mini-DebConf during ICOS 2009, on Saturday
>   and Sunday, 26th-27th September. This is the Debian project's first
>   mini-DebConf in Taiwan. See details on the event organization page.
>    • Early event announcement
>    • Software Liberty Association of Taiwan
>    • International Conference on Open Source
>    • Event organization page



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