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Re: Trouble with seller lindisk

Lindisk store and Simon,

On Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 03:58:41PM +0100, blackhole.eon@hush.com wrote:
> I have had some trouble ordering some Debian discs through Lindisk
> (www.lindisk.co.uk) listed on your sellers page at Debian.org.
> No delivery has been sent, nor have any emails been replied to
> (bounce backs), or any reply through the sites Contact form.  I
> will be taking this up with PayPal soon as I ordered a couple of
> weeks ago.
> Just thought you would like to know and maybe investigate whether
> they are still trading?

Thanks for your report! We will watch out for further reports about this

Lindisk store (CCd), what are your comments about this matter? Did you
receive the money, did you send the DVDs?

Simon Paillard

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