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Discussion pages on the Wiki

Hello wiki editors and visitors,

The Moinmoin wiki now have a built-in feature[1] for
Discussion/Comment/Feedback page. I wonder how we should use it.

Currently, some pages of our wiki have a link to a "Discussion" page,
but that link was added manually inside the content. The problem are
1. Not all pages have those links.
2. It isn't possible to initialize the page with a template[2]
3. It takes time to create those link.

Now the two questions are: What do "we" expect from those pages?
(Discussion? Comments? Feedback? Questions?). Do we actually need those

Since that contributors willing to discuss about a specific contribution
are usually leaving a note on the contributor page, I suppose that we
could focus on getting "input" from visitors (Comments, Feedback,

Therefore, we could name the page "Feedback" (any better suggestion?)

The template could include some hints, like:
> > This is a wiki. You can contribute to the page directly!
> > If you need help, you can use the mailing-lists or IRC.
> > see http://www.debian.org/support 

I would like to hear your opinion, before implementing this.


[1] http://moinmo.in/HelpOnConfiguration/SupplementationPage
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/DiscussionTemplate

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