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Graphics size: Debian wiki start page stc.


We know, after lenny, http://www.debian.org/ got pretty picture.
380px × 310px, 61.11 KB of PNG, on 18.1KB HTML page 
(~10sec for people on fast POTS dial-up)
This was a bit bigger than I wished but was OK.

Now, we have http://wiki.debian.org/ with pretty picture, too.
479px × 399px, 121.72 KB of PNG, on 141KB HTML page.
(~20sec for people on fast POTS dial-up)

Considering we are not art site but informational site, graphics should
not exceed 1/4 linear size of screen size.

Considering VGA, 320*240 is good choice.  (It could be 300*200 since
some screen are not used for web presentation)

Can we shrink image so everyone can see real content at the first

Seriously, on my real browser screen with XGA, http://wiki.debian.org/
only shows tip of "community" tent.  This is sad.

Also size is concern.  It used to be 5KB as max graphics size.  (This is
less than 1 sec.)  Let's keep each graphics less than 3 sec (~20KB) for


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