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Debian webmirrors: Content-Type and spanish files (was: problem in http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual)

Dear admins of Debian webmirrors (in BCC),

As you may know, www.debian.org recently moved to GeoDNS[0].

Though for the moment, only a subset of webmirrors are part of the
GeoDNS setup, it raises some issues about Apache (or whatever daemon)
configuration with respect to virtual hosts, content-negociation and mime types.

1/ Virtual hosts
Please check that you allow www.debian.org as virtualhost for your
mirror of the Debian website.

2/ Mime-types
Recent apache version will serve *.es as ecmascript, so the
web page wil not be displayed correctly to spanish users.

<Files *.html.es>
  ForceType text/html

<Files *.pdf.es>
  ForceType application/pdf

<Files *.txt.es>
  ForceType text/plain
3/ Other parameters, like redirection, language:

Please review your apache configuration according to

Don't hesitate to ask for help/details on debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org.

Thanks and best regards.

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 05:27:32PM +0200, Simon Paillard wrote:
> Current status:
> for mirror in $(grep -e '^\(Site\|WWW-http\|$\)' Mirrors.masterlist | grep -C1 WWW-http | grep Site | sed 's/Site: //g') ; do echo -ne "$mirror\t" ; wget -S http://$mirror/releases/stable/i386/index.html.es 2>&1 | grep 'Content-Type' ; wget -q --header='Host: www.debian.org' http://$mirror/releases/stable/i386/index.html.es || echo -ne 'www.debian.org VH NOK'; echo -ne "\n" ; done
> www.uk.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript
> www.au.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript
> www.at.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript
> www.nl.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript
> www.jp.debian.org      Content-Type: text/html
> www.bg.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript   www.debian.org VH NOK
> www.de.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript
> www.ru.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript   www.debian.org VH NOK
> www.fr.debian.org      Content-Type: text/html
> www.za.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript   www.debian.org VH NOK
> www.es.debian.org      Content-Type: text/html
> www.cn.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript
> www.hk.debian.org      Content-Type: text/html                www.debian.org VH NOK
> www.br.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript
> www.id.debian.org      Content-Type: text/html                www.debian.org VH NOK
> www.ua.debian.org      Content-Type: application/ecmascript   www.debian.org VH NOK

Simon Paillard

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