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Bug#529540: I confirm..

> I also do confirm on this issue, sadly I can't/won't upgrade any
> packages without a changelog. It's not that I don't trust the package
> maintainers but a missing changelog is a no no.

This is just silly.

The updated package is *not* "missing a changelog", the changelog *is* 
included in the package, it's just not published on the website quickly 
enough for your liking.

Nobody should depend on changelogs published on the website anyway, but 
only on the changelogs actually included with the package.

You can easily review any changes in packages *before* installing them by 
using the apt-listchanges package, just configure it to display 
changelogs and ask for confirmation afterwards.

And if you also want to check if there are any RC bugs against the package 
before installing/upgrading it, install apt-listbugs as well...


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