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Re: Debian site misfeature

One time I was use Debian net install CD. After installation I've find
that apt sources is empty - no records at all. This force me to search
for apt repos links, but I can't find them on debian site. At last
google helps me to find something in the web.

I think that apt sources links to the official repositories (and all
available mirrors) should be on site somewhere here

It is also very useful than someone will try to mirror this
repositories on hard drive with debmirror program

Just try to search web by keyword like "debian repositories list" and
you will find many forums where people try to find the same
information as me.

2009/8/6 Matt Kraai <kraai@ftbfs.org>:
> On Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 06:02:21PM +0300, Владислав wrote:
>> I have some trouble with debian.org site. I can't easy find on your
>> site deb repositories links list.
>> I (and many others as I think) searching for links like this: "deb
>> ftp://ftp2.fr.debian.org/debian/ stable main contrib non-free"
>> Every time when it needed I prefer search this for links in google.
>> It is very uncomfortable.
> Thanks for the report.  Why are you trying to find this information?
> Where did you expect to find it?  Do you have any suggestions as to
> how to make it more accessible?
> --
> Matt Kraai                                           http://ftbfs.org/

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