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[RFC] status indication for DebianBugs links on the wiki

Hi all,

I'm writing about a wiki feature I've been playing with today
with the help of Franklin.

In the d-i team, we've been using a wiki page to track problems
and features for upcoming releases. This includes some references
to Debian bugs using DebianBug: interwiki lnks.

We thought it would be cool to have an easy visual indication
of bug statuses when looking at the page.

So after talking with people here at Debcamp, the attached
scripts came out. BEWARE that I have no clue whatsoever about 
JavaScript, and wrote in it for the first time ever. ;-)

[Edit+Resend#5, Get the scripts here: 

What it does is collect the bug numbers of all DebianBug links,
send a request to a proxy CGI (which submits a SOAP request to
the BTS and returns a JSON structure with the bug statuses). 

The Javascript code takes the JSON, looks at the bug status to
see which bugs are "done" and if so just changes the .className 
to contain "closed-bug".

I'd like to see what people think and ask if we can get this
installed on wiki.debian.org.

I talked with Don Armstrong and DSA guys and they thought it
should be OK in terms of the load it generates.

Currently required to get it to work:

 - Install the bugstatus.pl CGI somewhere on wiki.d.o; I think
   it must be accessible through a wiki.d.o URL due to cross-
   site xml http request restrictions.

   It should only need libsoap-lite-perl and libjson-perl.
 - Somehow integrate the Javascript. I have no clue how we 
   would best go about doing that. Currently the script is 
   called in the testpage through body onXload=.

Let me know what you think,


PS; Don suggested getting the JSON support into debbugs
proper, which would make the proxy CGI unnecessary at some 
point in the future. I will file a wishlist bug. :-)

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