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Re: [RFR] draft for "DebianWiki new license": Inline code

On Sun, 2009-06-14 at 11:27 +0200, Frank Lin PIAT wrote: 
> [..]
> |  This is a proposal to switch the Debian Wiki license to Creative
> |  Common's BY-SA[1], because that license is DFSG free, it is copyleft
> |  and it is used on some major wikis.
> [..]
> Wiki licensing statement
> -------------------

I am a bit puzzled regarding the default license for source code
published in the wiki (mostly some script snippets actually).

On one side, it would be nice to specify that the code is under the same
license as the wiki content. On the other hand content and code are
different stuffs and may deserve distinct license...

Therefore we *might* want a statement like:

Source code
  Unless otherwise specified, all source code published in this wiki
  is dual-licensed under both $WIKILICENSE and BSD. (This apply to both
  inline and attached code).
  When you contribute some source code (beyond 10 lines), your are
  encouraged to explicitly specify author and license, like:

    # Copyright (C) 2000, John Doe.
    # License: GPL v2 or later

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