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Debian preinstalled vendors listing

Is it possible to list the company below at
http://www.debian.org/distrib/pre-installed ?
I verified that they deliver to outside Germany; display Debian at their
site and sell computers with preinstalled Debian.
Any other due verifications?
Andre Felipe Machado

-------- Mensagem encaminhada --------
De: Jerome Reinert
Para: Preinstallvendors , Debian Partners 

Dear Debian Project team,

We are a German company specialized in the technical support of Debian
GNU/Linux and have been supporting you via donations during the last
years. Meanwhile, we also offer servers, computers, notebooks, and
netbooks with preinstalled Debian Linux. It would be very nice if you
could list us on your website.

We would donate 350 Euro for the entry an 10 Euro commision for each 
sale of a Computer with preinstalled Debian GNU/Linux. 

Distributor: Sanux.de
URL: www.sanux.de
Telefon: +49 3464 - 518302
Fax: +49 3464 - 518304
Versand ins Ausland: Ja
Adresse: Sanux.de
Inh. Jerome Reinert
Sotterhaeuser Weg 3
D-06526 Sangerhausen

Thank you very much
Best regards

Jerome Reinert

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