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Re: need help

Dear Anand,

You wrote:

> i have downloded debian in various  ways but i did not find install exc file

Debian is a totally separate operating system, that you can run instead
of (for example) microsoft Windows.  Therefore, there is no way to start
it from inside Windows.  Instead, you need to burn the cd image you
downloaded to a cd, boot from that cd, and install Debian on your
hard disk.

More information and more detailed instruction can be found in the
installation manual

Btw, the address you sent your question to, debain-www@lists.debian.org,
is meant for discussions about the development of the Debian website,
and not for installation questions.  Kindly send any future questions
you might have to debian-user@lists.debian.org instead.

Good luck installing Debian!

Kind regards,

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