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Re: Wiki and miroVIDEO DC10

Hi Nikolay,

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 12:04:12PM +0400, Nikolay Shaplov wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Jun 2009 22:18:19 +0200, Frank Lin PIAT <fpiat@klabs.be>
> wrote:
> > I would suggest naming your page "zr36067".
> I have two doubts:
> 1. As a common user, I would never search wiki by module name, just by
> device brand name. For example the iwlagn page can't be found by "Intel
> WiFi Link 5100", when searching in titles. And it is the thing user
> would most likely do.

I imagine most users would execute queries on Google (e.g. "intel wifi 5100
debian", "8086:4236 debian") rather than on the wiki itself, to find
information concerning their device.

There are certainly enough daily hits[1] to the iwlagn page with its current

> So if these doubts is not important, I can create zr36067 page, write
> there about my miroVIDEO DC10, what I know about it, and as an option
> creat page "miroVIDEO DC10" with a redirect to zr36067.

Assuming the zr36067 page is eventually expanded with information on other
supported devices, that's a further seven redirection pages required (eight
cards being supported by zr36067) to achieve your page title search
requirement on the wiki.

> > You can have a look a some existing pages, like
> >   http://wiki.debian.org/iwlagn
> Not really nice. It is overloaded with different instructions for
> different distrs, and has no brief information, that this device:
> works, use non-free driver.

With respect to all points:

* different instructions for different distrs

  End-user instructions - particularly those concerning driver installation -
  have to be explicit.  Note that this driver isn't in Lenny or part of
  Squeeze (at this time).  The instructions for Sid will replace Squeeze once
  kernel 2.6.29 migrates.  At least zr36067 is in stable!

* has no brief information

  Immediately following the table of contents is a brief description of the
  driver, stating supported chipsets and kernel versions (mainline, Debian
  kernel) when the driver was first included.

  It also mentions where required firmware for the driver can be obtained.
  All of this is placed before the Debian suite-specific instructions.
  Other than saying "not shipped in Lenny" (see following section), I'm not
  sure how this can be improved.

* that this device: works

  I'm considering adding a sidebar at the top of the WiFi driver pages,
  indicating if the featured driver can be found "out of the box" in Debian
  releases (and if not, links to the relevant procedural section).

  If there are known issues with specific devices (e.g. unsupported for
  devices with chipset X), this would be mentioned in a separate section.

* use non-free driver

  Only the firmware is non-free (the driver itself is licensed under the
  GPL).  This is stated on the iwlagn page and indicated on the WiFi page,
  though it could be made clearer in the latter.


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/iwlagn?action=info&hitcounts=1

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