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Re: DebianWiki anti-spam (TextCha)

Hola Frank Lin PIAT!

El 28/03/2009 a las 10:09 escribiste:
> The DebianWiki team needs some help, to write and translate some
> text-based CAPTCHAs[1].

Probably this was dicussed somewhere else, but I could not find the

I'm concerned about the TextCha implementation, as its a pain to make it
mandatory for every change, nor is it a good choice to have it only for
anonymous users, as registering a new user is trivial.

In the wikis I administer I have used moin groups to distinguish between
moderators (the ones that can add a user to the editors groups) and editors
(the ones that can edit pages). In this context, I prefer to have:
textchas_disabled_group = u'EditorsGroup'

And some explanation in the wiki of how you can get added to the EditorsGroup.
Is this suitable for wiki.d.o ?

Thanks and sorry for bringing up something thats probably already decided, but
I could not find any mail about it.

Please CC me as I'm not subcribed to debian-www.
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