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Bug#437277: Debian RT: wiki: 437277: fix available

On Sat, 2009-01-24 at 15:54 +1100, Paul Wise wrote:

> The upstream bug:
> http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinBugs/InvalidLiteralErrorOnSaveCannotEditOrView
> The 'edit-log' files for those pages need to have the latest log entry
> removed and the 'current' decremented by one.
> Now that I've access to the wiki data, I'll prepare the replacement
> files and ask DSA to perform the replacement.

DSA folks, in order to fix bug #437277, please execute these commands as
root on rietz:

cat /home/pabs/wiki/CP\(2d\)290/edit-log > /srv/wiki.debian.org/www/data/pages/CP\(2d\)290/edit-log
cat /home/pabs/wiki/CP\(2d\)290/current > /srv/wiki.debian.org/www/data/pages/CP\(2d\)290/current
cat /home/pabs/wiki/spamInWikiPages/edit-log > /srv/wiki.debian.org/www/data/pages/spamInWikiPages/edit-log
cat /home/pabs/wiki/spamInWikiPages/current > /srv/wiki.debian.org/www/data/pages/spamInWikiPages/current

Once moin is upgraded to the lenny version, this issue should no longer
be a problem. There may be some other pages affected that we don't know
about though and they will continue to be broken until they are fixed.



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