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Re: Name Removal from your website

Raghav Dayma schreef:

Hi There,
How are you ?

I just discovered my name in 2 links of your website.
I am not even aware what those things are about and it is falsely posted ??

Links :



I would like to request you to PLEASE CLEAR MY NAME FROM THOSE LINKS ASAP.
I am falsely named by someone I dont even know.

I never looked up my name on google until today and was really shocked.
Its really upsetting and embarrassing.

Any help would be held in highest regard.

I appreciate your help.


Raghav Dayma

You do not have to write to all Debian lists when something like this happens. Turns out your name was simply used in some five year old spam e-mail.

A spam source somehow found your name, and spammed the debian-devel list. An archive of this list is held at lists.debian.org, and that is what you are seeing (note the date). I'm not sure if archived messages can or will be removed. In any case, this name is not linked to you in any way as far as I know. It's just the fact that your name seems to be quite unique.


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