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Re: ERROR accessing your wiki

On Mon, 2009-01-19 at 02:17 -0800, Paltonio Daun Fraga wrote:
> Trying to find link for debian for eeepc, I had the error message:
> Error!
> Could not connect to remote server
> You tried to access the address http://wiki.debian.org/QuickInstall,
> which is currently unavailable. 

I have had a quick look at the wiki change log. It seems that the wiki
was accessible at that time.
I haven't asked the admins, but it might have been down for a short
period, only the admin would know (We, wiki-editors, are not aware of
connectivity / availability problem).

> Make sure your Internet connection is active and check whether other
> applications that rely on the same connection are working.

... this might be the explanation too.

Sorry for the inconvenience anyway, and thanks for the information,
we'll pay attention.


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