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Re: Screenshots

There are a few problems with this. For one, Debian has options for
Gnome, KDE, or Xfce on install. And they aren't heavily customized like
in some other distributions, so fresh out of the box they look like, at
least in the case of Gnome (which is the default), a standard
configuration. Additionally, and although others might disagree, I don't
find the default Gnome appearance particurarily attractive. Furthermore,
because Debian is also used on a wide range of servers, it doesn't even
require the installation of X like some (ie. Ubuntu) do.

So if you're going to take screenshots, I'd suggest taking at least one
per environment (and they are, again: Gnome, KDE, and Xfce), labeling
them appropriately, and including some notice about them showing the
default configuration. If there's one thing to highlight, it's
definitely the package manager, so a screenshot of Synaptic might be
nice, and maybe one of Aptitude in interactive mode. A screencast might
be nice, but without fancy effects (read: Compiz), it might not seem as
appealing as other distributions. 

All in all, I think a better way to represent Debian is by its
performance and stability, rather than its (at least initial) apperance.
If you can toss some of that into a short screencast highlighting
Debian's best features, I'm sure it would work quite nicely with some
video footage of the operating system in action.

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I understand that keeping the main debian site small for mirror purposes
is a great thing.
I would suggest some screenshots or even small pictures that demonstrate
what debian would look like when freshly installed. 

Even just one picture so that when someone who has never heard of Debian
will understand that it is an Operating System.

I don't propose full out homepages like Fedora, Ubuntu or Open Suse  but
just some picture presence would really make the OS more attractive.

Or even one screencast showing Debian freshly installed.

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